Voter guides for Virginia's state election.

Today’s election could give Democrats control of the state legislature.

A voting precinct in Richmond, Virginia ran out of ballots by 8 a.m. this morning, signaling high turnout in closely-watched elections that could give Democrats control of the legislature in a state that was once solidly Republican.

When voters showed up at First Presbyterian Church in Richmond to vote, they were told they could wait for more ballots or come back later, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. Some voters at the polling station live in the 10th Senate District, which has a tight state senate race that could determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the chamber.

Local television station NBC 12 reports that about 40 people left the precinct without voting, which can be enough to shift the outcome of a state election. In 2018, a Virginia House of Delegates election was determined by lottery after votes were tied evenly between both candidates. The decision allowed Republicans to maintain control of the House.