Plus three more things you need to know today.

Biden, Klobuchar shine in debate while Buttigieg stumbles.

At the Democratic debate in Los Angeles, Iowa frontrunner Pete Buttigieg took hits from his lack of experience in high office to his fundraiser in a wine cave, while Joe Biden largely avoided similar attacks throughout the night and made some dents in concerns about his age and gaffes. A confident Amy Klobuchar seemed to pull ahead of the pack as well with snappy retorts and substantive answers to policy questions.

Christian magazine founded by Billy Graham calls for Trump to be removed from office.

The editor in chief of Christianity Today, the publication founded by the late evangelist Billy Graham, wrote of Trump in an editorial, “That he should be removed, we believe, is not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments.” The magazine is a forum for mainstream evangelical thought and while, criticizing Trump’s policies in the past, had avoided directly calling for his removal. Within hours of publication, the wave of heavy traffic crashed the CT website.  

High-ranking GOP lawyers sue to block amendment banning sex-based discrimination from Constitution.

Republic attorneys general from Alabama, South Dakota, and Louisiana filed suit to prevent the addition of the Equal Rights Amendment—which would prevent sex-based discrimination—into the Constitution. Virginia appears poised to ratify the amendment, a stance which threatened to tip support to the three-fourths of states necessary for the amendment to become part of the Constitution.

House passes new North American trade deal, marking major shift from free trade policies

Members of the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a new North American trade deal that marks a significant change in U.S. economic strategy, shifting away from, as the Los Angeles Times reports, “the long-standing ideology of free trade and toward an embrace of more managed trade.” The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) includes support from the AFL-CIO labor union and includes chapters on digital trade and e-commerce, updated rules on auto production, and tougher labor enforcement provisions.