Image by Iris Irina via Unsplash
Image by Iris Irina via Unsplash

Plus three other things you need to know today.

Age to buy tobacco raised from 18 to 21 

Congress raised the minimum age to buy tobacco, including the provision in the year-end spending bill that went into effect days ago. The law covers vape products, e-cigarettes, and traditional cigarettes but it is unclear when the law will be enacted and enforced.

Cory Booker and Andrew Yang found unexpected friendship on campaign trail

Presidential candidates Corey Booker and Andrew Yang have known each other for years, aides say, and have shared the stage many times during the primary race. Contrary to expectations, the competition has deepened, not strained, their friendship.

FBI scrutinizes former Kentucky governor’s pardons

The FBI is examining a number of questionable pardons by outgoing Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who lost his bid for reelection, including ones to a child rapist and a murderer. Bevin, a Republican, has issued over 600 pardons and sentence reductions since losing the election. 

Insiders say Sanders could nab Democratic nomination

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ chance at the Democratic presidential nomination is looking up as Elizabeth Warren struggles in polls, top-tier candidates such as Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke have left the race, and Sanders himself has weathered a heart attack and come out ahead. Though he is ranked second place in national polls, a recent CNN poll found he had the highest online favorability of any candidate.