Former National Security Advisor John Bolton with Ukraine officials in 2018. Image via Shutterstock. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton with Ukraine officials in 2018. Image via Shutterstock.

As the Senate impeachment trial enters Day 6, a new report says that a draft of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book alleges the president did ask to withhold military aid from Ukraine.

Bolton manuscript says Trump tied Ukraine aid to investigations 

In an early draft of his book, former national security advisor John Bolton wrote that President Trump told him he would hold aid to Ukraine until the country opened investigations into Democratic rivals, including Joe Biden. The president has denied Bolton’s account. The revelation, revealed in a Sunday report from the New York Times, raises the stakes for Republicans planning to stonewall the push for witnesses in the impeachment trial. On Monday, Utah Sen. said it’s “increasingly likely” enough Republicans will vote in favor of calling new witnesses during the Senate trial.

Day 6 of Trump’s impeachment trial resumes today

In what appeared to be a strategic move designed to get on senators’ good sides, the president’s legal team spent two hours Saturday beginning their opening arguments. In addition to attacking California Rep. Adam Schiff, the defense raised doubts about whether the Democratic House impeachment managers had met the burden of proof necessary to remove Trump from office. On Monday, Trump attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr are expected to present.

Secretary of State clashes with NPR journalist

After clashing with an NPR veteran reporter over questions regarding Ukraine, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a statement on Saturday berating Mary Louise Kelly for allegedly lying about what she planned to ask during their interview and agreeing to keep their post-interview conversation off the record. During that conversation, Kelly said that Pompeo shouted at her, asked her if she thought Americans cared about Ukraine, and cursed. She also said she had documentation showing that she had confirmed she would talk about both Iran and Ukraine in their interview. In his statement, Pompeo called the media “unhinged” in its efforts “to hurt President Trump and this Administration.”

Spread of coronavirus could impact economies

The number one current threat to financial markets, according to one expert, is the coronavirus. On Monday morning, the Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 400 points amidst fears that the virus will be hard to contain. The CDC has confirmed at least five cases of the deadly virus in the U.S., including one student in Arizona. At least 80 people in China have died from coronavirus.