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“You haven’t seen the last of Yang Gang,” the entrepreneur said Wednesday.

New Hampshire primary narrows the Democratic field

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to suspend his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination today, CBS News reports, after Sen. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet both also dropped out shortly after the New Hampshire polls closed Tuesday evening. With Patrick and Yang’s departure, the race becomes both narrower and whiter. Yang, who broke barriers as the first Asian man to run for president on the Democratic ticket and outlasted many more widely known rivals on the campaign trail, said Wednesday: “you haven’t seen the last of Yang Gang.”

Nomination revoked for U.S. attorney who presided over Stone prosecution

On the same day that four federal prosecutors withdrew from the case against Roger Stone—after senior Justice Department officials intervened in sentencing recommendations—President Donald Trump abruptly changed his mind about his choice for a top Treasury Department post. His nominee Jessie Liu was the former U.S. attorney who oversaw Stone’s prosecution. Liu was scheduled to appear in a confirmation hearing on Thursday for the under secretary role for terrorism and financial crimes; sources told CNN, however, she was informed on Tuesday it would no longer be taking place.    

Bloomberg on defense after racist “stop and frisk” speech resurfaces

Audio recordings have resurfaced of Michael Bloomberg during an appearance at the 2015 Aspen Institute, where he made several racist comments regarding his “Stop and Frisk” policy while he was mayor of New York. Bloomberg is heard saying “all the crime” is in minority neighborhoods and that 95 percent of criminals were young, minority males. These comments have come back to haunt the Democratic presidential candidate, who said on Tuesday the 2015 remarks “do not reflect my commitment to criminal justice reform and racial equity.” According to the ACLU of New York, more than 685,000 people were stopped, over half of them Black, in 2011 under the former mayor’s administration. Nearly nine out of 10 impacted New Yorkers were innocent.

“Hookers for Jesus” get $500k in federal funding 

Hookers for Jesus, a Christian anti-trafficking organization founded by a former sex worker that believes being gay is wrong and bans fashion magazines in its transitional housing, received a $500,000 grant in federal money from the Department of Justice, despite not being among the highest rated organizations in a study. A whistleblower complaint unveiled this week revealed an internal report had recommended the grant money go to the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Palm Beach and Chicanos Por La Causa of Phoenix instead.