Pete Buttigieg campaigning in Iowa | Image via Shutterstock Pete Buttigieg campaigning in Iowa | Image via Shutterstock

“The fact is that Democrats deserved better than what happened on caucus night,” Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price wrote in his resignation letter.

Iowa Democratic Party chairman resigns over caucus delay

Troy Price submitted a resignation letter Wednesday, apologizing for the voting app fiasco that led to a delay in reporting the caucus results. Iowa Democratic Party has not yet released the final results of the Feb. 3 caucus. Both Sen. Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg have requested the party recanvass the results. “The fact is that Democrats deserved better than what happened on caucus night,” Price wrote in his letter.

Attorney General Barr to answer for pro-Trump interventions

The House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr confirming his testimony before the body next month. Citing a “pattern of conduct” that “raises significant concerns,” the panel outlined major areas of questioning, among them Barr’s decision to overrule prosecutors on Roger Stone’s sentence recommendation and the retaliation against Jessie Liu, the U.S. attorney who oversaw Stone’s prosecution and whose nomination for a higher profile position was abruptly revoked. It’s customary for the attorney general to attend judiciary hearings each year, but Barr has not attended any during his tenure.

Virginia House legislation moves closer to 1 man, 1 vote

The Democrat-led House passed a bill that would give the state’s electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote in a national presidential election, joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. So far, 15 states have joined the pact, which would prevent circumstances such as that which got Donald Trump elected. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump was able to gain more electoral votes from delegates than Hillary Clinton, though she won the popular vote by almost 3 million more votes.

An ice sheet the size of Atlanta breaks off glacier

In one of Earth’s fastest warming regions, the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica has calved an ice sheet the size of Atlanta. The average area temperature there has risen by 3 degrees Celsius over the last 50 years, and calving, the rate at which a glacier breaks up, has increased dramatically over time. It used to happen once a decade, then twice in the early 2000s. But the Pine Island Glacier has calved five times since 2013, according to the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Scientists continue to raise concerns of rising sea levels.