Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger launched her 2020 Prescription Drug Survey last month, aiming to gather stories and feedback from her constituents on the ongoing prescription drug price crisis. 

Prescription drug prices have been on the rise in recent years, so much so that nearly one in four Americans cannot afford their medication, according to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The same report found about 29% of people struggling to afford their medications will skip doses to cut costs. It also found patients taking over the counter medications or splitting pills into smaller doses to make the prescription last longer. 

Spanberger noted in a statement just how often her constituents bring up the issue of high drug costs. 

“Across our ten counties, constituents of all ages come up to me and raise their concerns about the rising cost of prescription drugs. They’ve shared stories about rationing doses and making trade-offs with other expenses like groceries in order to afford their medication. This affordability crisis creates intense anxiety for so many members of our central Virginia communities, and meaningful, bipartisan action in the House is long overdue,” said Spanberger in a statement

During her time in office Spanberger has paid special attention to high prescription drug costs and worked on multiple bills that help to address the issue. She worked to pass the Public Disclosure of Drug Discounts Act and the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which would allow Medicare Part D to negotiate with drug manufacturers. 

The survey, which is available on her website, tracks with a district healthcare tour she took in November, meeting with patients, providers and businesses over two days.