In case you took the weekend off from consuming coronavirus news coverage.

There are now officially more total confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside China than inside China, where the coronavirus outbreak was first detected. 

The outbreak has now sickened at least 167,400 people in 136 countries and killed at least 6,329. The number of confirmed cases in the United States rose over the weekend to nearly 3,600 in 49 states. The American death toll currently sits at 66. Both numbers are expected to rise dramatically in the coming days, as testing becomes more available and the virus continues to spread exponentially

Here’s what else you need to know today:

  • The Centers for Disease Control issued a guidance Sunday recommending that all gatherings of more than 50 people be banned for at least the next eight weeks. 
  • New York City, the largest school district in the country, shut down its public school system. The city also ordered all bars and restaurants to limit their service to take-out only. 
  • A growing number of other states and cities also closed their schools and ordered the closures of bars, dine-in restaurants, and gymnasiums.
  • The U.S. expanded its European travel ban to cover the United Kingdom and Ireland, exempting only U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
  • The stock market plunged more than 10% Monday, despite the Fed’s announcement over the weekend that it would be slashing interest rates to zero. 
  • The Supreme Court is postponing all arguments for late March and early April.
  • In Europe, a growing number of countries, including Germany and Denmark, closed their borders, shutting themselves off to visitors as they try to combat the outbreak. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday even proposed a 30-day travel restriction that would apply to most non-E.U. citizens and residents.
  • Several major retailers, including Apple, Lululemon, Nike, and Urban Outfitters are closing all of their locations in North America. Starbucks, meanwhile, is eliminating seating and implementing a to-go and delivery-only model.
  • MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts announced they would close all of its Las Vegas casinos and hotels starting Tuesday.