AP Photo/Tony Dejak Four states are still holding presidential primaries this week.
AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Georgia and Louisiana have postponed their presidential primaries.

Four states—Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio—are still on track to hold Democratic primary elections Tuesday—despite though a government expert suggested a 14-day national shutdown may be necessary to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Following Sunday night’s Democratic debate, however, Sen. Bernie Sanders questioned the wisdom of that decision

“What they are saying is, you just indicated, we don’t want gatherings of more than 50 people,” Sanders said. “I’m thinking about some of the elderly people sitting behind the desks, registering people, all that stuff. It does not make a lot of sense.”

Georgia has postponed its primary from March 24 to May 19, and Louisiana has delayed its primary by more than two months, from April 4 to June 20. New York and Puerto Rico may also delay their primaries.

Democratic leadership in the states scheduled to vote on Tuesday said they are taking precautions such as making hand sanitizer available at polls and sanitizing voting equipment. Other states are considering changes to address the outbreak, such as Wyoming’s decision to rely on mailed ballots