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Image via Shutterstock

Healthcare providers in California’s 39th Congressional District could get over $300,000 in funding to help fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to Democratic Rep. Gil Cisneros.

Cisneros announced the funding last week, which will go to the Friends of Family Health Center, the North Orange County Regional Health Foundation and St. Jude Neighborhood Health Centers. The money comes from the federal government and was part of the first coronavirus relief package.

“Our healthcare professionals and health centers are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic and tirelessly serving our community,” said Cisneros in a statement. “Since the beginning of this crisis, I’ve been advocating for the necessary funding and resources our healthcare professionals need. This emergency funding is just the start, and Congress needs to do more so that our healthcare professionals are well-equipped to combat COVID-19. This disease continues to grow at an alarming rate, and we need to provide additional assistance to properly handle this public health crisis.”

The first round of aid from the federal government includes $8.3 billion overall, with nearly $1 billion allocated to obtain pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

While working to pass the legislation, Cisneros said the federal government has a responsibility to do more to protect American citizens against the coronavirus, including an effective and coordinated response.

“Not only do we need to invest in developing a vaccine, we also need to work with our local and state governments to ensure they are properly equipped to deal with this public health crisis. I join my Democratic and Republican colleagues in passing this emergency supplemental funding,” he said in a statement.