Rep. Gil Cisneros (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Rep. Gil Cisneros (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Rep. Gil Cisneros is working to get coronavirus relief funding for cities with fewer than 500,000 residents. Currently those localities are unable to apply for money to provide critical services, like paying the city’s workforce or getting personal protective equipment.

Cisneros led his colleagues in writing a letter calling on Congress to provide coronavirus relief to these cities and towns, especially as their revenues decline during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“There’s not a single community in the United States that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19. Now that Congress has passed its fourth coronavirus response bill, we need to make sure the next one includes relief for our local cities and towns that have under 500,000 people,” said Cisneros in a statement

“I’ve spoken directly with local leaders in the 39th District who are in desperate need of resources and funding. As a result of this pandemic, they’re seeing a dramatic drop in revenue while demand for city services is skyrocketing. I urge congressional leadership to help our small- and medium-sized cities and towns that have been on the frontlines of this crisis.”

The letter was backed by 26 other members of Congress. In addition to that work, Cisneros also introduced a resolution to formally honor frontline workers responding to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Cisneros, who himself served in the Navy, wanted to recognize the parallels between frontline workers who are continuing to serve during the pandemic and servicemembers who have been traditionally on the frontlines defending the United States. Cisneros was joined in introducing the legislation by nine other members of the House freshman class who also have backgrounds in national security service. 

“From the start of this crisis, our courageous frontline workers have been putting their lives on the line to keep our communities and country safe,” said Cisneros. “I’m proud to join my national security freshmen colleagues to introduce this resolution honoring the selflessness and sacrifice of our frontline workers. Our country owes them a debt of gratitude. We must continue to fight for them as they have been fighting for us every single day.”

The resolution honors a wide variety of essential workers like doctors, nurses and other medical professionals along with United States Postal Service workers and food distribution workers.