Image via Facebook Rep. Anthony Brindisi
Image via Facebook

Rep Anthony Brindis is is urging President Trump to approve funding that would help support health initiatives in New York state. 

Brindisi, alongside Rep. John Katko (R-NY), sent President Trump a letter urging him to approve a 100% federal cost share for assistance provided under New York’s “Major Disaster Declaration” at the start of the pandemic. The money was used to fund COVID-19 response efforts. 

According to Brindisi’s office, as of now the federal government covers 75% of costs, leaving localities to pick up the rest of the tab. Brindisi says having the federal government pay for the full cost is critical for mid and small-sized towns that were already struggling with revenue and funding for basic services. 

“Our state has been the epicenter of this public health crisis, and it is critical that the Federal Government signal strong support for ongoing emergency response efforts, as well as the significant recovery efforts that lie ahead,” Brindisi and his colleagues wrote in the letter to President Trump.

“Disruptions in business activity and routine government services have had severe consequences for thousands of families, creating significant financial hardships and leaving many in need of assistance. Our state and local governments continue working to effectively respond to this pandemic, however, crippling shortfalls in revenue threaten their ability to maintain essential services for our constituents in the months ahead.” 

In the letter they explain that while they are grateful to the federal government for the funding and support it has allocated to the state, recovery efforts can’t stop just because coronavirus cases are trending down. 

“Our state will need additional federal support to maintain a strong response and facilitate a full recovery from this crisis,” they wrote.