via Sean Galvin
via Sean Galvin

Due to the pandemic currently ravaging the country, November’s election will rely on vote-by-mail to a degree previously unseen in U.S. politics. As a result, President Donald Trump has been making a concentrated effort to undermine the credibility of the entire vote-by-mail system.

The president’s attempts to discredit mail-in voting are a part of a concerted strategy to cause election chaos and potentially skew the election in his favor as much as possible.

To make matters worse, Trump has launched an attack on the U.S. Postal Service, refusing to approve the additional emergency funding the agency says it needs. Trump has gone so far as to say that the U.S. Postal Service’s heightened role in the election would constitute “one of the greatest frauds in history.”

What makes the attacks particularly disturbing, however, is the president’s hypocrisy on the issue. Trump himself voted by mail in Florida’s early voting period for the presidential primary in March, and just this week received mail-in ballots for the state’s Tuesday primary election, according to Palm Beach County records.

As the election draws near, it’s become increasingly clear that Trump will stop at nothing to hold onto the presidency.

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