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Olivia Troye, a lifelong Republican, spent two years as Vice President Mike Pence’s Homeland Security and counterterrorism adviser. What she saw has her voting for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in November.

Another former Trump administration staffer announced they are voting for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden after witnessing President Donald Trump’s failures first hand.

Olivia Troye served as Vice President Mike Pence’s lead adviser on the COVID-19 pandemic response. During her time as a White House detailee from the Department of Homeland Security, Troye said she attended every meeting of the coronavirus task force, which Pence led. And Troye said it was clear from the start that Trump didn’t care about saving American lives, he was more concerned about his reelection.

“The truth is, he doesn’t actually care about anyone but himself,” Troye said in an ad released by Republican Voters Against Trump, a group advocating for Biden’s campaign.

Troye said that by mid-February it was clear to the task force that it was “not a matter of if COVID would become a big pandemic here in the United States, it was a matter of when.”

“The president didn’t want to hear that. His biggest concern was that we were in an election year,” Troye said.

Troye also recalled the president musing about how COVID-19 could be a “good thing” because he didn’t like shaking hands with people.

“When we were in a task force meeting, the president said ‘maybe this COVID-thing is a good thing, I don’t like to shake hands with people. I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people.’ Those ‘disgusting people’ are the same people that he claims to care about. These are the people still going to his rallies today, who have complete faith in who he is.”

As of Thursday, more than 197,000 Americans have died due to complications related to the coronavirus.

Troye said she is a lifelong Republican, and put her “heart and soul” into her job at the White House, but ultimately questioned whether she could change anything as the president disregarded, contradicted, and ignored task force recommendations.

“I have been a Republican for my entire life,” Troye said. “I am a McCain Republican, I am a Bush Republican. And I am voting for Joe Biden because I truly believe we are at a time of constitutional crisis.”