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At COURIER, we empower individuals and communities through local reporting that helps people understand and affect the issues impacting their lives. We examine national stories through a local lens, and elevate local news that’s relevant to a broader audience.

We believe that by investing in the work of local journalists across the country we can positively impact civic participation and build a healthier democracy from the ground up. Through original reporting and human-focused storytelling, we highlight the issues and forces that shape our lives while calling attention to the impacts of policy-making and political action at the local level.

Whether we’re following the ripple effect of decisions in Washington on families and communities across the country or underscoring the innovations and ideas emerging at the state, city, and county level, COURIER amplifies the voices and stories of those building a nation that works for all of us—and we hold accountable those who threaten it.


Lindsay Schrupp, Editor in Chief


Kimberly Lawson, Editor

Elle Meyers, Congressional Reporter

Keya Vakil, Staff Writer


Pat Kreitlow, Managing Editor

Jessica VanEgeren, Associate Editor

Julian Emerson, Reporter

Jonathon Sadowski, Reporter-Shooter


Camaron Stevenson, Associate Editor

Jessica Swarner, Reporter


Jessica Strachan, Managing Editor

Katelyn Kivel, Reporter

Ellen Chamberlain, Content Producer


Meghan McCarthy, Managing Editor

North Carolina

Billy Ball, Managing Editor

About Courier Newsroom

COURIER is owned and operated by Courier Newsroom, a progressive media company owned by the non-profit ACRONYM and other private investors. Courier Newsroom and its affiliated sites are independent from ACRONYM. The Managing Editor of each site, in addition to Courier Newsroom’s Editor-in-Chief, has ultimate discretion and control over content published.

Facts and first-hand sources are our north star, and we work to expose misinformation in all its forms. We believe the key to a strong democracy is an informed electorate and that the decline of local news around the country has negatively impacted civic engagement. We are investing in local journalism and storytelling that is thoughtful, informative, and relevant.

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