WATCH: McSally Says Women in the Military Get Pregnant to Avoid Deployment

A video has resurfaced from 2007 of Sen. McSally giving a lecture where she claimed some servicewomen would seek out pregnancy as a way to avoid deployment.

Photo by Domenico Nicosia, Cronkite News
4 Undocumented Arizonans Are Being Deported for Marching Against Police Brutality

Four undocumented Phoenix residents arrested while protesting police brutality are scheduled for deportation due to Arpaio-era policies.

People Will Be Hurt: Trump Calls For Americans to Risk Health to Salvage Economy

"Will some people be affected badly? Yes, but we have to get our country open, and we have to get it opened soon."

Students all over the country have been showing their teachers how much they miss them with posters and waiting for them to drive by their houses in what seems to be caravans of love.
This Is How Teachers Show Love During Coronavirus

Students and teachers can't be with each other every day. But some have found sweet ways to stay connected and show love and appreciation beyond video chat classrooms.

Elderly Arizona
‘Sometimes I Cry’: Elderly Americans Struggle With the Reality of Isolating

As stricter measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus are put in place, Arizona’s most vulnerable are finding themselves increasingly more alone.

Arizona Schools
Arizona Schools Are Closing. Experts Explain How This Could Have Been Avoided.

Failure to increase coronavirus testing has left local leaders with limited information on how widespread the virus really is.