51% of Americans Live in a Child Care Desert — Here’s What One Rep. is Doing About it

New legislation would allow non-profit child care providers to have the same access to Small Business Administration financing that for-profit providers have.

Betsy Ross flatware set © Liberty Tabletop
Once Considered Doomed, America’s Last Flatware Maker Has Been Reborn

"Congress constantly talks about bringing back and keeping good-paying American jobs. This actually gets it done," Rep. Brindisi said.

House Passes Major Union Bill Following Rep. Golden’s Push

"Landmark bill" to empower the nation’s workers would expand labor unions’ negotiating power, provide new protections for unions and workers, and stiffen penalties for companies that violate workers’ rights.

Intense Droughts Are The New Norm, so Western Congresswoman Calls For New Generation of Water Policies

To mitigate the impact of climate change on water scarcity, Torres Small, a former water and natural resources attorney, says her bill provides the “next generation of consensus water policies for the West.”

Rep. Spanberger Is Making Friends In The Last Places You’d Expect

Freshman Rep. Abigail Spanberger explains how she works across the aisle.

Watch: After Years of Inaction, Rep. Delgado Helps Get It Done on Clean Drinking Water

There’s a water contamination crisis in upstate New York. In towns like Hoosick Falls, NY, toxic chemical compounds called PFAS have been detected in drinking water at unsafe levels. PFAS exposure can lead to autoimmune disorders and cancer, according to the Center for Disease Control. EPA’s Pete Lopez addressed the issue at Hoosick Falls Community...

Watch: New Jersey Congressman Secures Millions to Combat Domestic Extremist Violence

"It is well past time to take the threat of domestic terrorism as seriously as we’ve rightly taken the threat posed by international terrorist organizations," Rep. Tom Malinowski said.