Americans get over 2,000 robocalls per second. That might change.

The House-passed TRACE Act aims to prevent and curb illegal robocalls.

Flag of the state of Maine on a military uniform (Shutterstock)
Rep. Golden pushes to bring more mental health care for veterans back to Maine

The issue hits close to home for the Maine Congressman, a Marine Veteran diagnosed with PTSD. There are no more beds to sleep in at Togus, the VA Medical Center located in Chelsea, Maine, at least none that you can keep for more than a few nights.  “We’ve still got millions of vets that need...

Divided Congress praises ‘bipawtisan’ work on animal cruelty bill

The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act closes a loophole that made it hard to prosecute cases on federal property.

Berkeley Thanksgiving painting by Berkeley Plantation Artist Sidney King
Virginia: The first Thanksgiving state?

At the first Thanksgiving, there were no women, no food, and no indigenous people.

A major House bill almost left out LGBTQ people

"True diversity includes representation of the LGBTQ community," Rep. Harley Rouda (D-Ca.) said on the House floor.

Women in Kazakhstan are more likely to survive childbirth than Americans

Improving access to care in rural America is a key focus of bill approved by House committee.

Image via Shutterstock
What modernizing education benefits for veterans could look like

Under current law, more than two-thirds of new recruits pay to maintain eligibility for benefits they never use.