Michigan is in need of election workers, called Election Inspectors, to help the polls.
Michiganders: Here’s How to Become a Poll Worker

Here’s why people are needed more than ever for the paid and volunteer positions in Michigan.

Despite the larger number of people taking advantage of Absentee Ballots, a few still choose to vote in person at the polls.
What Michiganders Need to Know About Voting in Person on Election Day

Looking to cast your ballot at the polls Nov. 3? Here’s what you need to know.

With less than two months remaining until the 2020 election, Michiganders are planning trips to the polls, local ballot drop boxes, and the Post Office to cast their votes.
Michigan Voting in 2020: Your Guide to Creating an Election Plan

From photo ID rules to making sure your ballot gets to the right place, we've got the steps laid out for every Michigander to use their voice this election.

Whether you're walking your ballot to an approved drop box, into your local clerks office, or taking advantage of other options, Michigan voters can cast their ballots safely and securely. (Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; Photo by Franz Knight)
What Is an Absentee Ballot and How Do I Get One? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Mail-In Voting

From defining terms to checking your voter registration information, this guide helps every Michigander cast their ballot.

Michigan voters who choose to drop off their absentee ballots must use a box in their registered jurisdiction. (Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; Photos by Franz Knight.)
Michiganders: Here’s How to Turn in Your Ballot at One of 700+ Drop-Off Locations

In an age of mail delays, many Michiganders say they want to drop their ballots off by hand. Here’s how to find the nearest drop-off locations by county.

With key protections expired for much of Michigan, more renters than ever are facing eviction. Photo via Shutterstock.
Nearly Half of Michigan Renters Are At Risk to Lose Their Homes Right Now

A new analysis of Census data shows Michigan families who rent are struggling to keep their homes afloat during the pandemic.

Lynus Parker stands with his family outside of his Novi home, greeting well wishers shortly after being discharged for a near-90-day long hospital stay. Photo courtesy of Lynus Parker.
WATCH: This Michigan Man Took Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 and Still Ended Up on a Ventilator

Novi resident Lynus Parker needed help breathing for an entire month. But that was just the beginning.