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Philadelphia Might Get The Nation’s First Overdose Prevention Site. This Is How They’re Preparing.

The plan clarifies the role Philadelphia’s city government intends to play if and when the proposed site opens its doors.

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Supreme Court to Decide Fate of $8 Billion Pipeline That Could Devastate Black Communities

The 605-mile natural gas pipeline would transport natural gas from West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina, but has faced staunch opposition from environmental groups.

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Stock Market Plummets on News Coronavirus Is Spreading

The S&P 500 dropped nearly 3 percent at the start of trading, while the Dow Jones Industrial average fell by more than 900 points and Nasdaq futures decreased by more than 3 percent.

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1 Million People Are Uninsured in North Carolina. The GOP Keeps Blocking Bills to Help.

If lawmakers expanded Medicaid, 634,000 people—59% of the state’s uninsured population—would gain health care coverage by 2022.

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Michigan’s Teacher Shortage Is So Bad the State Had to Hire 2,500 Long-Term Substitutes

A new report out this week offers solutions from the people who understand these issues the best—the teachers.

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Why Kickstarter’s New Union Could Be Huge For Tech Workers

Employees at the Brooklyn-based company are now the first white collar, full-time employees at a major tech company to successfully unionize.

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Florida GOP’s Attempt to Stop 1.4 Million From Voting Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal court of appeals affirmed that Florida’s new re-enfranchisement law, which requires felons in the state to pay all court fines and fees before voting, violates the 14th Amendment.