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Trump Wants to ‘Terminate’ Health Care for Millions During a Pandemic

Millions of people would lose access to affordable health care if the 2010 law is repealed, and countless others would be affected.

Trump’s Just Put His Name on Your Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

The Treasury Department will add President Trump's name to the paper stimulus checks being sent to millions of Americans affected by the coronavirus crisis.

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Friend Who Trump Warned to Leave New York Dies of COVID-19

Real estate mogul Stanley Chera passed away on Saturday. He reportedly left New York City after President Trump warned him he would be "safer" outside of the city.

PHOTOS: How Charlotte Is Uniting to Fight the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here's what life looks like in North Carolina's largest city in the midst of a pandemic.

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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by the Coronavirus Outbreak? Read This.

It may feel all too easy to succumb to fear and anxiety in these uncertain times. Take some time to address your mental well-being with these tips.

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Weinstein Was Found Guilty. These North Carolina Women Say It’s Not Enough.

One survivor said she found the verdict both “hopeful and discouraging.”

Signs from Richmond, Virginia
These North Carolina Lawmakers Are Attending the Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia

“I just knew that Virginia (one of our sister states) was facing an imminent threat from her own elected officials,” one said.