Signs at the anti-gun safety laws rally in Richmond, Virginia
Reality Check: Here’s What Democrats Are Actually Doing For Gun Safety in Virginia

Despite claims of “tyranny,” the laws Virginia’s state legislature are considering are now the norm in many other states.

Virginia has weaker payday loan rules than most states

Protesters gather in Winchester to oppose interest rates that can be three times higher than in other states.

DW-Voting-Stock-3 (1)
Virginia’s Black Caucus adds four new members after historic election

The group hopes their expanded ranks can lead to action on criminal justice reform, increased funding for schools

Voter guides for Virginia's state election.
Virginia polling station runs out of ballots by 8 a.m.

Today’s election could give Democrats control of the state legislature.

An island in Virginia sinks underwater

Virginians are witnessing the effects of climate change in real time.