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Facebook Is the Leading Source of False Claims About Coronavirus

The Press Gazette found Facebook was mentioned in the origin field of 4,094 of 7,295 entries.

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One of Trump’s Favorite Fox News Hosts Just Urged Him to Wear a Mask

“I wish the president would put on a mask every once in a while because it would make him look as if he is taking it seriously and is listening to the CDC."

President Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on August 2, 2018. (Evan El-Amin /
Climate Change Will Make Pandemics More Likely. Here Are 8 Times Trump Denied It Exists.

Research from Harvard found exposure to air pollution makes it more likely that patients will die from the coronavirus.

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Trump Blames Testing as COVID-19 Outbreaks Worsen

The president said the nation’s testing capacity, not the fact that states rushed to reopen in mid-May, is why coronavirus cases are surging in parts of the country.