Voters stand in line in Georgia
The Racist Roots of Georgia’s Runoff Elections

Flipping these Senate seats will also send a strong signal to the state of Georgia that white supremacists can pass all of the voter suppression laws they want, but they will not out-vote us.

Joe Biden address the nation as ballots are still being counted across the nation.
So, What Happens in a Presidential Transition, Anyway?

The Biden team has to hire thousands of people and figure out how they'll accomplish what they promised on the campaign trail.

Graphic via Denzel Boyd for COURIER
Georgia’s Senate Runoffs Could Have Life or Death Stakes for Many Americans

Coronavirus relief, access to affordable health care, and climate policy are all on the line in Georgia’s Senate runoffs.

Georgia's suburban voters tell COURIER why they voted for Biden and why Georgia finally went blue.
Want to Know What Suburban Voters Really Think? We Spoke to Georgians to Find Out

Whether they saw President-elect Joe Biden as the leader to end the pandemic or as someone who can help end racial inequality, Georgia's suburban voters tell us why the state went blue.

As millions of Americans suffer due to COVID, President Trump does nothing to help them.
1 American Dies From COVID Every 44 Seconds, But Trump Is Still Trying to Steal the Election

Rather than work to address the spiraling coronavirus crisis, President Trump and his allies are instead wasting precious time and resources on their cynical gambit to subvert the will of the American people.

COURIER Illustration (Denzel Boyd)
They Helped Turn Out the Vote in Georgia. They’re Not Even Close to Being Done.

Meet the organizers still working to get Georgians back to the polls this January.

Cybersecurity Director Christopher Krebs is the latest Trump administration official to be fired for refusing to bolster President Trump's lies about the election results.
Trump Continues to Fire Political Enemies and Truth-Tellers With Latest DHS Move

Christoper Krebs—whose department oversees election cybersecurity—vocally contradicted Trump's lies about the election results with facts. Like so many others, he paid the price by losing his job.