EPA Rules Suspended
EPA Tells Major Polluters to ‘Act Responsibly’ After Suspending Environmental Regulations Indefinitely

Critics say the agency has abdicated its duty to act in the interests of public health.

Air pollution linked to premature deaths
Two-Thirds of Early Deaths Globally Can Be Linked to Air Pollution

The authors of a new study say their results show the world is facing an "air pollution pandemic."

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Could A Proposed Fracking Ban Decide the 2020 Presidential Race?

Democrats have made Pennsylvania a priority in their quest to win back the presidency. But Sen. Bernie Sanders' proposed ban on fracking might impact the race after a new poll found 42% of Pennsylvanians oppose such a measure.

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Supreme Court to Decide Fate of $8 Billion Pipeline That Could Devastate Black Communities

The 605-mile natural gas pipeline would transport natural gas from West Virginia to Virginia and North Carolina, but has faced staunch opposition from environmental groups.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Passes House in Bipartisan Vote

Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin voted in support of a program that aims to protect and preserve the Great Lakes, saying it would help fund the state's future economy. The legislation reauthorized the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and increased its funding by 60% over five years. By fiscal 2026, funding will reach $475 million.

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Bobby Jones Was About to Retire. Instead He Joined the Fight Against Coal Ash.

This North Carolina community organizer is working to give marginalized communities affected by environmental issues a platform to voice their concerns.

The Fox River is reflected in the "River Monolith" sculpture along Green Bay's riverfront. (Photo by Jonathon Sadowski)
How Green Bay Is Going Green

City launching efforts to fight climate change as federal and state efforts falter or go backwards