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What Happens When You’re a Single Parent and Your Daycare Closes Because of Coronavirus

Two moms in New Mexico share the struggles they've faced since the coronavirus crisis shut down their early childhood education center.

Juliet Daly, 12, sits with her parents on the front porch of their family home in Covington, La., Thursday, April 30, 2020. A team of pediatric cardiology specialists found that Juliet had acute fulminant myocarditis (AFM), an uncommon heart condition that tends to present with sudden onset acute heart failure, cardiogenic shock or life-threatening arrhythmias. A nasal swab confirmed that Juliet was also COVID-19 positive and that she had a second viral infection – adenovirus. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
What It’s Like to Be 12 and Recover From Coronavirus: ‘I Died and Came Back’

Juliet Daly was on a ventilator for four days, during which she was sedated and then was eventually able to breathe on her own.

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Coronavirus Has Completely Upended The Lives of Caregivers

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the marginalization of direct care workers to light, and it's also exacerbating the inequities its workforce faces.

WATCH: Michigan Man Tips Essential Worker $900, Says World ‘Needs Some Love’

Kevin VanAmburg says the world is missing out on love as we shelter in place. So he decided to start spreading more around right here at home.

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What It’s Like When You Can’t Even Snuggle Your Daughter Anymore Because of COVID-19

It’s frightening being amongst the group of people deemed as high risk. Yet, the possibility of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to Simone is even more nerve-racking.

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How Widowed LGBTQ Americans Are Suffering More Under Coronavirus

Countless LGBTQ Americans have been denied survivors benefits by the U.S. Social Security Administration, thanks to a requirement that someone be married to their spouse for at least nine months before their death.

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My Boyfriend Is an Essential Worker. The Truth Is, I Hate It.

Reporter Janelle Cogan shares what it's like to date and live with an "essential worker," and opens up about the stress and anxiety it entails.