Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del.
Parents Would Get an Extra $300 a Month Under Biden’s Pandemic Plan

The new plan from Joe Biden builds on what House Democrats passed back in May.

Healthcare is one of the reasons Harmony Lloyd's mother, center, is voting for Joe Biden. (Photo provided by Harmony Lloyd)
My Parents Are Lifelong Republicans, but Healthcare Is Bringing Them to Biden

Here's how a Michigan family's journey to care for their paraplegic wife and mother has led to life changing decisions and first-time discussions in 2020.

Espy Thomas beats to the drum of herself and her ancestors.
(Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; Photo courtesy of Espy Thomas.)
‘I Vote For my Ancestors.’ This Michigan Woman Tells Us How She Carries the Torch

Voting is nothing new for native Detroiter Espy Thomas. She votes however with a thankful heart, though, every time she does it because of her ancestors.

Shane McLean and his mother, DeShunda Keith
‘Constant Pain’: How This Michigan Family Navigates Healthcare With an Excruciating Condition

Macomb County mother DeShunda Keith is in need of help to pay for her son’s daily life in debilitating pain. Here’s why they’re holding out hope in 2020.

Image courtesy of subject
Is It Time for the iPad to Babysit? Most Families Doing Distance Learning Won’t Have Outside Help

“Looking at it now that we have evidence of how easily it's been spreading at schools, I can admit to myself that I would have been sick to my stomach every day sending him to a building full of other people.”

Graphic via Tania Lili
How Biden Wants to Help Parents Find Affordable Child Care That Fits Their Needs

By the time her son was born in 2017, “$1,000 a month only got my son half day care” at a good childcare provider, one mom said.

Graphic via Denzel Boyd for COURIER
The COVID Recession Is About to Make Life Much Worse for Women

Fewer than half of women are satisfied with thow they're treated in the U.S. The outsized impact of COVID-19 on women’s employment is sure to exacerbate that.