President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Trump’s Latest Executive Order Does Absolutely Nothing to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions

Instead, the president is suing to overturn the law that actually prohibits insurance companies from banning people with pre-existing conditions.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in 2019 in Iowa. The presidential candidate was in North Carolina Wednesday to talk raising the minimum wage and economic justice, particularly for Black Americans. (Image via Shutterstock)
Joe Biden Promises to Raise Minimum Wage and Invest in Schools During North Carolina Visit

Joe Biden said in North Carolina Wednesday that he would improve the lives of Black Americans through economic and educational programs.

My Parents Are Undocumented Immigrants. I’m Voting in North Carolina Because They Can’t.

A first-generation American and NC community college student tells us why immigrant rights and women’s rights are driving her to vote.

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Black, Latino Children Are Dying of COVID at Higher Rates. These Doctors Say Medicaid Expansion Can Help.

The overall number of children who have died from COVID is low, but 78% of the children who died were Hispanic, Black, or Indigenous.

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Nearly 30 Million Americans Went Without Health Coverage Last Year. Then the Pandemic Hit.

The continued loss of health coverage under the Trump administration has eroded the gains made since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which made insurance attainable for 20 million people.

Photo courtesy of The Gender Spectrum Collection.
Legal Win for LGBTQ Groups This Week Reminds Us That Lower Courts Matter Too

A federal judge appointed by former President Barack Obama ruled in favor of LGBTQ activists fighting against the Trump administration’s legal doctrine permitting discrimination of transgender individuals seeking medical care.

Graphic via Desirée Tapia
COVID-19 Can Cause Lasting Heart and Brain Damage. Republicans Still Want to Repeal the ACA.

If the ACA is repealed, the consequences could be devastating for the countless patients who are developing long-lasting medical conditions due to COVID-19.