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Stock Market Plummets on News Coronavirus Is Spreading

The S&P 500 dropped nearly 3 percent at the start of trading, while the Dow Jones Industrial average fell by more than 900 points and Nasdaq futures decreased by more than 3 percent.

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North Carolina’s Environmental Agency Has Had A Third of Its Budget Cut Since 2008

When a state environmental agency doesn’t have enough staff members and inspectors to check pollution from facilities on a regular basis, violations can go unnoticed, one environmental advocate said.

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Trump Takes Another $3.8 Billion From the Military to Fund His Wall

The president has repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the border wall, but so far, every penny of funding has come from American taxpayers and at the expense of military projects.

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North Carolina Workers Are Fed Up With the State’s $7.25 Minimum Wage

In 2019, Democratic lawmakers introduced at least seven bills to raise the state’s minimum wage, but not a single one received a committee hearing, let alone a vote, in the Republican-controlled legislature.

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Trump Wants to Slash CDC Funding—Just As Coronavirus Spreads

Public health advocates say if the president's budget proposal is approved as is, Americans' health and safety would be at risk.

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We Did the Math. It’s Nearly Impossible to Survive on Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania.

The hourly wage has remained stagnant at $7.25 since 2009. Gov. Tom Wolf is working to change that, despite opposition from state Republicans.

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Charlotte’s Affordable Housing Shortage Is So Bad That 1,000 People Waited in Line for 129 Apartments

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership issued an apology for falling "short in the planning and execution of the event."