Cartoon: The Great Myths of America

The facts around mail-in voting remain clear: Voter fraud is very rare and has never influenced a major election.

The writer, a student at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, says she's telling her story so eligible voters will appreciate the import of their vote this fall.
I’m Not Eligible to Vote. That’s Why I Work To Make Sure Others Do.

An immigrant living in NC says her father is the only family member eligible to vote, so she makes sure others know what’s at stake.

Youth Vote in 2020
WATCH: I’m a First-Time Voter. Here’s Why More Youth Like Me Will Come Out to Reject Trumpism.

A UNC-Greensboro student tells us why, for youth voters like her, their first election in 2020 might just be the most important.

Kimberly Guilfoyle RNC speech cartoon
Cartoon: You Can’t Turn Them Off.

The RNC took place this week and featured plenty of President Trump's most admiring fans. Among them is Kimberly Guilfoyle, who gave perhaps the most impassioned speech of the entire event

Image courtesy Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff.
I’m an Emergency Room Doctor. The USPS Crisis Is a Life or Death Matter for Many.

The Postal Service is a crucial part of health care for millions of Americans. And making sure the mail is delivered on time through the election is only a small part of the battle.

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan in 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
There’s Nothing Shocking About Trump’s Silence on Russian Aggression. Just Look at the Past Four Years.

From Russian bounties on American soldiers to the poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, Trump remains unconcerned. Here's why that should scare every American.

A teacher raised by two Postal Service workers sees parallels in the attacks on both public institutions. (Image via Shutterstock)
Take It From a Teacher Raised by Two Postal Workers, the Attacks on Schools and the USPS Are Linked

As the Trump administration and privatizers dismantle the US Postal Service, public educators can relate to their plight.