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Op-Ed: Trump’s Failed Leadership on Coronavirus Pushes U.S. to the Brink

"Rather than level with the American people and take steps to protect the public, Trump downplayed the problem. Trump gambled. America lost."

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I’m A Doula. Here’s What’s Happening to Mothers Giving Birth During This Crisis

Pregnant women are being forced to choose between solitude or home delivery due to coronavirus.

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Dear Sen. Burr, You’ve Failed North Carolina. It’s Time to Resign.

"My alma mater’s motto is Pro humanitate. Literally, for humanity. You know that phrase, too. You also graduated from Wake Forest. And yet your first impulse is to serve yourself."

Coronavirus Test
It’s Day Eight, And I’m Still Waiting For Coronavirus Test Results

With testing dysfunction and major delays in testing, many more Arizonans may be exposed to coronavirus.

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Racism Is A Virus

And Latinos are not immune. Racism is a human condition. It may get better, but it doesn’t go away.

I’m an Educator, Mom, and Grandma. And I’m Here to Help Arizona Parents Keep Kids Educated Amidst Coronavirus

"Since the first cases were reported, the pendulum has not been swinging; it is spinning and the education world is trying to hang on."

Stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus
I’m a Microbiologist and a Mom. Here’s What You Should Know About Coronavirus.

Help slow the spread of coronavirus in your community by staying home. Yes, that means no shopping.