How Trump’s trade war with China hurt New Jersey

Billions in Chinese imports were hit with tariffs that are often passed on to consumers. The United States and China may have announced the start of a deal that could end a years-long trade war started by President Trump, but that won’t undo the economic damage already inflicted throughout the country. According to the United...

Underwood pushes to protect Illinois highway funding

Funding from a 2015 bill is running out, but Rep. Lauren Underwood and a bipartisan group of members are trying to stop that. Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.), along with a bipartisan group of 108 members, sent a letter on Nov. 14 to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, urging them to remove a...

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That big Foxconn deal could cost Wisconsin ‘tens of billions of dollars’

Researchers at George Mason University say economic subsidies—such as the $3.6 billion in incentives promised to Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn—only benefit corporations.

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Military members may finally be getting a raise

House passes major defense spending and policy bill with increased pay for service members and paid family leave for federal employees.

Why the government might say nope to buying Chinese buses and trains

Legislation from a freshman House Democrat and senior Republican senator would bar the use of federal funds to buy Chinese buses and rail cars.

Only one Republican voted to restore the Voting Rights Act

Once noncontroversial, the landmark law has become partisan in the Trump era.

Rep. Cisneros wants to build a better support network for veterans

The ultimate goal of the Daniel Somers Network of Support Act is to help reduce the risk of suicide among servicemembers transitioning into civilian life.

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