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These Programs Could Help Struggling Michigan Farmers Get Back on Their Feet

Heavy rains severely delayed planting in 2019, leaving many in the local agricultural community facing hardship.

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There’s Big Trouble Ahead For Pennsylvania’s Economy

In the next six months, the state is projected to endure the most significant economic contraction since June 2009.

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Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average. This is why.

"Low overall unemployment is creating labor shortages in many regions, but it is far from an even story across the state."

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That big Foxconn deal could cost Wisconsin ‘tens of billions of dollars’

Researchers at George Mason University say economic subsidies—such as the $3.6 billion in incentives promised to Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn—only benefit corporations.

There’s a shortage of STEM workers and New Jersey is expanding programs to help

State will ensure students have access to computer science classes, including ones focused on coding and artificial intelligence.

Will American farms finally get help in solving their worker shortage?

New bill would reform and expand visa program allowing employers to bring foreign workers to the U.S. to fill farm jobs

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New bill would give small businesses tax credits for training workers

Employer-sponsored training fell 42% from 1996 to 2008; Iowa Democrat aims to reverse that trend.

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