There’s an information war being waged in America and it’s time we go on offense.

By sharing factual, relevant news from trusted messengers, we can shape the information diet of millions of Americans who are disproportionately reached by bad information — we can increase their civic participation and ultimately restore their trust in our democratic institutions.

Good Info Messengers is a first-of-its-kind grassroots campaign to empower and activate voters by sharing quality, relevant news from trusted local reporters. It’s our belief that if Americans on the fence about turning out to vote see COURIER news in their feeds, shared by trusted messengers in their communities, the likelier they are to become active participants in democracy.


Who are the Good Info Messengers?

Our growing team of volunteers are fed up with extremists dominating online spaces, and are ready to take simple actions (with big impact!) to fight back. We’re small business owners, teachers, lawyers, retirees, students, stay at home parents, union members, gig economy workers – real people in real communities who understand the power of good information.

What are the stakes?

In order to win the political war against extremists looking to divide and destroy our democracy, we have to first win the information war. That means building a movement to flood social spaces with truth, facts, and reminders: voting is our superpower.

Why share good information online?