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New COURIER/Data for Progress Poll Shows ‘Putin Wing’ of the GOP Is Deeply Unpopular

NEW YORK, NY – March 28, 2022 – New polling data released from Courier Newsroom and Data for Progress shows more than three-quarters of American voters disapprove of instances when lawmakers have expressed support or admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.


  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine is high salience issue, with over 70% saying they’ve heard a lot about it
  • When it comes to the increase in oil prices, voters are somewhat split between blaming Putin and Biden
    • Blame follows a partisan pattern
  • A majority of voters approve of Biden’s uniting of global allies
    • This includes Democrats & Independents, while Republicans are split
    • This does not necessarily equate to approval of Biden’s overall handling of the crisis
  • Very few voters have heard of pro-Putin Republican comments
    • Democrats report having heard or read about these comments at a higher rate than Independents and Republicans
  • When voters do hear pro-Putin Republicans comments, they overwhelmingly largely disapprove


RC Di Mezzo