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COURIER Celebrates Third Anniversary

New York, NY — COURIER, a network of eight local, online newsrooms spread across the country, celebrated its third anniversary on June 28.

Founded in 2019, COURIER has localized, contextualized award-winning journalism for coverage for an audience often left behind by legacy and mainstream media. Its model focuses on meeting our audiences where they are – on social media and in their email inboxes – with skimmable and easily consumable content.

Since its founding, COURIER has launched and acquired eight local newsrooms, grown its total audience to nearly 800,000, and was acquired by anti-disinformation start up Good Information, Inc. The journalism that the COURIER teams have produced have been recognized by press associations across the country and have been amplified by larger news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Time.

COURIER’s audience numbers accrued over the past three years have put it in the company of other major local news organizations.

“I am beyond proud of what COURIER has accomplished in just three years,” said COURIER’s Founder and Publisher, Tara McGowan. “Local news is collapsing in America today, and with it, access to good, trustworthy information. We are reimagining local news with a content development and distribution model that meets people where and how they consume information today, and leveraging that model to increase informed civic participation among some of the most politically disengaged Americans. I truly believe COURIER’s model will be one news organizations of all sizes will soon be emulating.”