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I’m a Doctor, and Trump’s Playing a Deadly Game with Your Health Care

Wisconsin physician says rejecting a special enrollment period to get ACA coverage is mindlessly partisan

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Republicans Still Want to Take Health Care Away From 20 Million Americans—in the Middle of a Pandemic

The 2010 healthcare law provided tens of millions of Americans with health care and guaranteed coverage for the 135 million Americans under 65 who live with pre-existing conditions.

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Medicaid coverage for new moms only lasts 60 days post-birth — for now

Last week, lawmakers voted to advance legislation that would give states the option to extend the public insurance option for new mothers to a year.

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What could happen to millions of women if the ACA is repealed

A decision in the case challenging the federal law is expected any day now.

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Did you know open enrollment for the ACA Marketplace is here?

More than 2 million people, however, remain unable to access care because they live in states that have not expanded Medicaid coverage.