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Supreme Court Sides With Trump on Who Can Access Birth Control. Here’s What You Need to Know.

The ruling could cause tens of thousands of people to lose birth control coverage in one year.

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Your Boss May Soon Be Able to Take Away Your Birth Control Coverage

The fight between those who support religious freedom and those who believe women should have equal access to basic healthcare returns to the Supreme Court.

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The Pandemic Is Proof That Women Need an Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill

“With insurance companies regulating how many months supply of birth control people can get at one time, in most places, it's not possible to get extra birth control, as the CDC has recommended doing with necessary medications.”

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New Bill Would Allow Arizonans to Get Birth Control Without a Prescription

Getting access to birth control medication could soon become much easier in Arizona, thanks to a new bill that has bipartisan support.

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How the Title X ‘gag order’ is putting your birth control at risk

Reproductive health advocates call the new rule "coercive and a clear violation of patients’ rights."