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The Hell That Is Trying to Get an Unemployment Extension in Arizona

Additional unemployment insurance benefits were approved by Congress in March, but thousands of Arizonans are still waiting for help.

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COVID-19 Leaves People of Color Struggling to Pay the Bills

A new poll shows 39% of Latinos and 37% of Black/African-Americans have already skipped a bill, compared to 13% of white participants.

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They Were Denied Coronavirus Relief Because They Married Immigrants. Now, They’re Suing.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of six American citizens denied COVID-19 relief because they filed and paid taxes with an immigrant spouse who has an ITIN.

Student Loan debt forgiveness
Students With Debt Could See Relief — But They Need To Read The Fine Print

The coronavirus relief package offers new dollars for K-12 schools and student loan forgiveness, but this only applies to loans held by the federal government.