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The Trump Administration Cut the CDC Out of Coronavirus Data Tracking

Changing the data collection process at a time when cases are spiking could interfere with the analysis and slow governmental response, public health experts warn.

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Former CDC Directors: Trump’s COVID Response Is Like ‘Fighting Blindfolded’

Four former CDC directors co-authored an op-ed lambasting President Trump for putting politics over science in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

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States Are Using Bad Data to Justify Reopening. That’s Wildly Dangerous.

Faulty statistics could leave Americans who make decisions about day-to-day matters with the impression that the virus is under more control than it actually is.

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White House Focused on Politics, Not Saving Lives, Say CDC Officials

"We've been muzzled," one CDC official said.

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This Respected Medical Journal Is Calling for Americans to Reject Trump

The editor of The Lancet fact-checked the president just days after publishing an editorial calling for Americans to vote him out.

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This CDC Guide on How to Reopen the Country Safely Was Supposed to ‘Never See the Light of Day’

The 17-page report was researched and written to help state and local officials, business owners, educators, and faith leaders.