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Civil Rights Advocates Look Ahead After Barrett’s Confirmation
Are You Freaked Out Over Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation? Read This.

In the face of an even more conservative Supreme Court, civil rights advocates remain committed to the fight for equality. “Right now, we have to get out the vote," one said.

Justice Ginsburg's passing on Friday has women activists thinking about how to best continue her legacy.
Not Giving Up: Three Women Activists Share How the Fight Continues After RBG (Part I)

Women activists across the country working to prevent gun violence, sexual assault, and more share how they want Americans to keep Justice Ginsburg's legacy alive.

In this June 6, 2020, file photo, demonstrators protest near the National Archives on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was in police custody in Minneapolis. Juneteenth 2020 will be a day of protest in may places Friday, June 19. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
The Case to Make Juneteenth, the Realest Celebration of American Freedom, a National Holiday

Currently, 47 states and the District of Columbia recognize Juneteenth in some way.

Los Angeles protest, 5/30/20 | Image via Lacy Lew Nguyen Wright
The George Floyd Protests Are Grimly Familiar — But They’re Also Different

From Atlanta, Georgia, to Seattle, Washington, and everywhere in between, Americans have risked their lives during a once-in-a-generation pandemic to gather in the streets to make their voices heard.