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Stock Market Plummets on News Coronavirus Is Spreading

The S&P 500 dropped nearly 3 percent at the start of trading, while the Dow Jones Industrial average fell by more than 900 points and Nasdaq futures decreased by more than 3 percent.

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Trump Wants to Slash CDC Funding—Just As Coronavirus Spreads

Public health advocates say if the president's budget proposal is approved as is, Americans' health and safety would be at risk.

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Just Because Coronavirus Is Scary Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Racist

The coronavirus outbreak has led to a stream of xenophobic, anti-Chinese sentiment around the world, including a hate crime in New York City.

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Impeachment Is Almost Over And Here Comes Iowa: Here’s What You Need to Know Today

House impeachment managers and the president's legal team will deliver closing arguments on Monday. Later, Iowa voters make their choices.

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GOP Closes Ranks, Coronavirus Now a ‘Public Health Risk,’ and More: Here’s What You Need to Know

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander announced Thursday he would not vote in favor of bringing forth witnesses to testify in the Senate Trump’s impeachment trial, effectively sealing an acquittal.

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Uh, Does Wilbur Ross Know Coronavirus Is Killing People?

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce said the outbreak in China could help bring jobs back to North America—and three other things you need to know today, January 30.

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Trump’s Legal Team Says Abuse of Power Is Not An Impeachable Offense

Plus three other things you need to know today, January 28.