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I’m an Educator, Mom, and Grandma. And I’m Here to Help Arizona Parents Keep Kids Educated Amidst Coronavirus

"Since the first cases were reported, the pendulum has not been swinging; it is spinning and the education world is trying to hang on."

Arizona Schools
Arizona Schools Are Closing. Experts Explain How This Could Have Been Avoided.

Failure to increase coronavirus testing has left local leaders with limited information on how widespread the virus really is.

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22 Million Students Could Go Hungry Unless Congress Passes This Coronavirus Bill

Millions of students nationwide depend on free- and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches, and there is no single plan to address what could be an enormous food insecurity crisis for America’s youth.

Student loan borrowers gain victory in Senate
Senate Votes to Stop DeVos From Further Hurting Defrauded Students

“She made it extremely difficult for these students to get any relief. These schools take the money and run, and the students end up holding the bag with massive debts."

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Nazi Waves Nazi Flag at Sanders Rally, Warren Holds Endorsement, and Vets Denied Care: Your News Today

Plus, the VA illegally denied thousands of vulnerable veterans access to healthcare, according to a new report.

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Warren Drops Out, Trump Administration Guts Funding for Rural Schools: Your News Today

Plus, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court rebuked Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for “threatening statements” directed towards Trump-appointed associate justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

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Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Gut Student Loan Funding By $170 Billion

The proposal aims to eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, end subsidized loans for low-income students, and make changes to income-driven repayment plans.