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This Michigan Nurse Is Fed Up and Ready to Fix the State’s Healthcare Laws

After nearly flipping a majority GOP district in 2018, Julia Pulver is now running to represent the 39th District in the state House.

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Russia Is Working to Re-Elect Trump, GOP Has a Fake Census, and More: Here’s Your News Today

An intelligence official told lawmakers that Russia was planning to interfere in the Democratic primaries as well as the general election.

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Warren Needed A Moment. She Got It Last Night.

Plus, Trump appoints a new—albeit inexperienced—acting director of national intelligence, and more news you need to know.

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Everything You Need to Know About Super Tuesday

Have you ever wondered what's so super about Super Tuesday? How it came to be? What's really at stake?

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Judges Group Meets to Discuss Barr, Tonight’s Dem Debate, and More: Here’s Today’s News

Although their annual gathering is only a couple of months away, the bipartisan group of federal judges is holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday to talk about growing concerns of political interference.

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Bloomberg Makes the Debate Stage: Here’s Your News For Today

Plus, North Carolina Democrats fear meddling in Senate primary and a Senate committee in Virginia rejected a proposal to ban assault-style rifles.

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More Than 1,100 Former DOJ Employees Want Barr to Resign

Plus three more things to know today, February 17.