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One of Trump’s Favorite Fox News Hosts Just Urged Him to Wear a Mask

“I wish the president would put on a mask every once in a while because it would make him look as if he is taking it seriously and is listening to the CDC."

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States That Don’t Require Face Masks Saw Coronavirus Cases Surge by 84% in 2 Weeks

Meanwhile, 11 states that do mandate face coverings while in public reported new coronavirus cases fell by 25% over that same time period.

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Ford Won’t Require Trump to Wear a Mask When He Visits Ypsilanti Plant

Masks are required in Michigan. Ford requires visitors to wear masks. But here’s why President Trump may not protect himself and others while touring the Rawsonville plant Thursday.

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Trump Ignored Warnings from Health Experts. Now Nurses and Doctors Are at Risk.

The Trump administration’s failure to stock up on masks and other PPE before the pandemic has left front-line medical workers at risk.

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Face Masks—Which Are Recommended by the CDC—Are Somehow Now Political

Trump has told advisers that he believes wearing one would “send the wrong message."

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We Asked Health Experts About the ‘Wear Your Mask: The Urine Test’ Meme

The meme compares wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic to wearing pants in the presence of a person uncontrollably urinating everywhere.

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Head of the Coronavirus Task Force Mike Pence Didn’t Wear a Mask While Touring Mayo Clinic

Vice President Mike Pence declined to wear a face mask while touring the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday, despite warnings that masks are required for visitors.