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Gun Sales Are Up Because of Coronavirus. So Is the Risk for a Woman to Be Killed in Her Home.

Fears of social fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has led to an 85% increase in gun sales from March of last year.

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The Gun Lobby Is Profiting Off Your Coronavirus Fears and Putting Kids at Risk

The president of the American Federation of Teachers, along with a member who is a Sandy Hook shooting survivor, discuss how our new reality raises the stakes on the epidemic of gun violence in communities.

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Trump Does Nothing Following Yet Another Mass Shooting in America

"Our hearts break for [the victims] and their loved ones. We send our condolences. We’ll be with them."

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Parkland Survivors Are Still Fighting For Change Two Years Later

While Broward County officials focused on healing and service on Friday, many of the victims’ families and friends reiterated their calls for gun law reform.

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These States Don’t Think You Should Be Able to 3-D Print a Gun

On Thursday, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and 17 other states filed a federal lawsuit to block the release of data files that show how to manufacture a firearm using a 3-D printer.

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These North Carolina Lawmakers Are Attending the Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia

“I just knew that Virginia (one of our sister states) was facing an imminent threat from her own elected officials,” one said.

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Why This North Carolina Official Voted to Make His County a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

“If it comes to pass that they want to infringe upon the people’s rights to carry guns, it’s going to be a bad day for somebody.”