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The Deadline Is Approaching: How to Get Heath Care Coverage If You Lost Yours in March

Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that nearly 27 million workers and family members had lost job-based health coverage as of the start of this month.

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Nearly 13 Million Americans Have Lost Employer-Provided Health Insurance. Now What?

A new poll found that an overwhelming majority (72%) of Americans say that it’s either the “most important or a very important thing” that the next coronavirus relief package includes major new steps on health care.

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35 Million Americans Could Lose Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, Report Finds

Experts and patient advocates say the coronavirus crisis reveals the urgent need to move away from an employer-based insurance system.

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Republicans Still Want to Take Health Care Away From 20 Million Americans—in the Middle of a Pandemic

The 2010 healthcare law provided tens of millions of Americans with health care and guaranteed coverage for the 135 million Americans under 65 who live with pre-existing conditions.

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If You Just Lost Your Job in One of These States, Here’s How You Can Enroll in Health Coverage

Though the move is targeted to help people affected by lay-offs have insurance, it also opens the doors for anyone without comprehensive insurance.

Major insurers will cover coronavirus testing
Pennsylvania’s 10 Major Insurers Agree to Waive Coronavirus Test Costs

Removing the cost barrier for patients will allow increased access to testing, which is critical as commercial labs ramp up their testing in Pennsylvania and across the country.

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How America’s Health Insurance System Could Make the Coronavirus Outbreak Even Worse

In 2018, 28 million American adults did not have coverage, and one in five went without needed medical care due to cost.