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Virus Outbreak Spain
Photos of People Fighting Against Coronavirus Around the World

Politicians wear protective gear in Belgium. Canadians leave notes at their windows. Volunteers in Spain sew masks for nurses and doctors. Citizens disinfect streets and cars in India and Afghanistan. Pope Francis prays solo to an empty Piazza San Pietro.

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Texas Governor Used Coronavirus as an Excuse to Ban Abortion. Now He’s Being Sued.

The state ban on medical procedures that are not “immediately, medically necessary” applies to most abortions.

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I’m A Doula. Here’s What’s Happening to Mothers Giving Birth During This Crisis

Pregnant women are being forced to choose between solitude or home delivery due to coronavirus.

Image via Mayagüez Medical Center
An 87-Year-Old Veteran Fully Recovered From COVID-19

Frank Eller, an 87-year-old California resident filled Puerto Rican doctors and citizens with hope, by defeating the disease amid an array of pre-existing conditions.

Image via AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth
Prince Charles and a 12-Year-Old Georgia Girl Prove No One Is Safe from Coronavirus

It’s not just the famous, well-known, and elderly who are falling ill and dying. Young people are also fighting for their lives in intensive care units across the world.

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They Overhauled Health Care. It Saved My Life.

Ten years ago, the most significant healthcare reform bill was signed into law. Four Americans share how their lives have since been changed.

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Trump’s Hard-line Stance on Abortion Is Holding Up Research on a Coronavirus Cure

Although he's eager for the U.S. to develop a treatment, the president won't allow a promising line of research to continue because it relies on fetal tissue.