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Trump Attacks Mail-In Voting as His Poll Numbers Sag

There is zero evidence that vote-by-mail leads to widespread fraud. Even a commission convened by Trump himself found no real evidence of fraud before it was disbanded in 2018.

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3 Trump Policies the Majority of Michiganders Have Rejected in 2020

In a year of unprecedented crises, President Trump's message isn't resonating with what Michiganders care about most.

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Trump Was Yards Away From a Florida Polling Place But Chose to Vote Absentee Anyway

According to CNN, Trump spent March 7, March 8, and part of March 9 in Palm Beach during Florida’s early voting period

3 Claims About Voting-By-Mail That Are Totally Wrong

Every state allows citizens to vote by absentee ballot if they cannot make it to the polling station on Election Day, but it is easier in some places than others.

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Trump’s Attacks on Vote-by-Mail Could Suppress the GOP’s Own Vote

Polling indicates that Trump’s public complaints about mail voting have turned some Republicans against the practice.

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The Fight to Prevent Another Wisconsin in South Carolina

According to the suit, not allowing African Americans to vote by mail forces them to choose between exercising their right to vote or “avoiding needless and serious risk to their health, the health of their friends and family and the broader community.”