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The Deadline Is Approaching: How to Get Heath Care Coverage If You Lost Yours in March

Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that nearly 27 million workers and family members had lost job-based health coverage as of the start of this month.

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Nearly 13 Million Americans Have Lost Employer-Provided Health Insurance. Now What?

A new poll found that an overwhelming majority (72%) of Americans say that it’s either the “most important or a very important thing” that the next coronavirus relief package includes major new steps on health care.

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Why You Should Care About Medicaid Cuts Like the Michigan Doctor Who Confronted Pence

The viral video of an ER doctor confronting the vice president shines a spotlight on just who will be affected by cuts to the largest public insurance program in the U.S.

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Trump Said He Wouldn’t Cut Medicaid. This New Plan Cuts Medicaid.

The Healthy Adult Opportunity gives states the opportunity to apply for block grants, which would cap the amount of federal funding they receive to fund Medicaid.

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Michigan Expanded Medicaid to 640,000 Residents. The Improvements Have Been ‘Remarkable.’

The percentage of enrollees who saw a primary care doctor in a given year doubled to nearly 90%.

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These work requirements could gut Medicaid for thousands in Michigan

A federal judge has already blocked similar programs in Arkansas, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

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What could happen to millions of women if the ACA is repealed

A decision in the case challenging the federal law is expected any day now.