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I Live With Schizophrenia. This Is What Freedom Means to Me.

Without the discovery of antipsychotics in the 1950s and continued development of them, people like me may never know true freedom.

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America’s Mental Health Crisis Is Exploding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Young people, women, Black and Latino Americans, and those without a bachelor’s degree were far more likely to display symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Brandon B., 32, who lives with schizophrenia waits for a sandwich order purchased by Dr. Jeanie Tse, chief medical officer at the Institute for Community Living, left, as she makes her rounds treating patients, Wednesday, May 6, 2020, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
The Pandemic Showed How Broken Our Mental Heathcare System Is — And Shattered It Further

Mental health experts fear the coronavirus will exacerbate the mental health crisis in the country by making treatment harder to access.

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Introverts Thought We Were Ready for Isolation. We Were Wrong.

A new poll found that roughly two-thirds of Americans say they felt nervous, lonely, or hopeless recently. One self-described introvert shares her story.

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The Deeper Reason Behind Why Many People Are Suddenly So Interested in Cooking

With COVID-19 ravaging the world, anxieties have swelled, exacerbating underlying eating issues and behaviors similar to those associated with eating disorders.

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Listen Up, It’s OK to Grieve Your Pre-Coronavirus Life

We’re all struggling with loss in some way right now. A counselor offers some tips on how to cope.

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Pennsylvania Is Getting Serious About Mental Health Care

This week, Gov. Tom Wolf announced a new statewide campaign aimed at addressing mental health care.