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Michigan Governor Battling to Save Medicaid for 80,000 Residents

Michigan is currently the only state in the country that requires those who get state Medicaid expansion coverage to work for those benefits.

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This Michigan Nurse Is Fed Up and Ready to Fix the State’s Healthcare Laws

After nearly flipping a majority GOP district in 2018, Julia Pulver is now running to represent the 39th District in the state House.

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Michigan’s Teacher Shortage Is So Bad the State Had to Hire 2,500 Long-Term Substitutes

A new report out this week offers solutions from the people who understand these issues the best—the teachers.

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Fewer Than 1 in 10 Michiganders Believe the State’s Drinking Water Is ‘Always Safe’

Advocates say more residents are realizing "there are clear and present threats" to the state's water.

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Black Women Keep Dying in Childbirth. This Is How Michigan’s Governor Plans to Fix the Crisis.

In Detroit, for example, Black women are 4.5 times more likely to die than non-Hispanic white women. "This is a staggering disparity," Gov. Whitmer said last month.

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Why You Should Care About Medicaid Cuts Like the Michigan Doctor Who Confronted Pence

The viral video of an ER doctor confronting the vice president shines a spotlight on just who will be affected by cuts to the largest public insurance program in the U.S.

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Michigan Gov. Whitmer Is Done Waiting for Republicans. Here’s Her ‘Plan B.’

In her second year, the Democrat promised to fix the state’s roads, protect the Affordable Care Act, and fight to enshrine protections for people with pre-existing conditions into state law.