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Struggling North Carolina teachers won’t be getting a pay raise this year

Some wonder if they can afford to stay in public education after the General Assembly adjourned for the year without approving a state budget to address salaries.

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NC lawsuit could restore voting rights to 70,000 formerly incarcerated people

Advocates say felony disenfranchisement is a racist, “unjust” practice and should be declared unconstitutional.

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Greta Thunberg visits Charlotte, NC, just days after city voted against expanding green spaces

Experts say investing in urban parks could be one solution to help address climate change.

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No finally means no in North Carolina, thanks to women

Last week, lawmakers closed a 40-year-old legal loophole that permitted sex to continue even after women revoked consent.

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NC lawmakers restore the last Saturday of early voting

Voting just got easier for North Carolinians.

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NC state employees can now use sick days to recover from domestic violence

In October, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive directive to allow eligible state employees to use their vacation time or sick days to deal with issues related to domestic violence.